We will offer required information before shipped!

Full specifications such as eye color, skin color, breast type, feet type, vagina type, public hair, voice&heating function, new&usual skeleton and other information required.

General location: China

Age of item: Brand New

Accessories: Healant, heating rod, nail gum, condom, comb, white gloves,manual,vagina flusher,underwear and hanging adaptor.

We would offer assistance with posting pictures before shipped:

1.Clear high resolution picture(s) showing entire front of item

2.Clear high resolution picture(s) showing entire back of itema

3.Clear close-up picture of face 

4.Clear close-up picture of vaginal entry 

5.Clear close-up picture of anal entry

6.Pictures showing included accessories (if you inquire)

7.Additional information and pictures 

Free shipping:

1. Free shipping on all orders without any custom or duty fees.

2. All dolls would be shipped within 3 business day. 

3. Estimated Delivery Time is 3-10 business days.